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Don walks along the path, keeping his eyes open for his old friend. After everything, he figured Gnarrk would want some time to process. And Titans Tower, for all its strengths, is not a good place for quiet reflection.

It's strange. A few days ago, he hadn't remembered Gnarrk at all. He was gone from his memory, like a dream after awakening. Lilith and Donna had remembered, of course, but Don didn't, and none of the others did. But since he's been freed from his hypertime prison, the memories have returned to everyone -- even if the details return at a slower pace -- and it's good to have an old friend back among them again.

Gnarrk might need some quiet retrospection, but that doesn't mean he needs to do it by himself. It's the least Don can do to just sit with his friend until he can process everything. Being forgotten by his best friends; held outside of time for over a decade...

He moves through the park quietly, though he's sure Gnarrk will probably be able to tell he's there. A city park may not be the untamed land that Don's old friend might want for his reflection, but it's likely the closest he can easily get.
opposite_forces: (Don - Looking)
"Hank, have you considered that maybe you should just talk to her?"



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